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Course Structure

There is a huge educational gap in the design industry. We had to learn everything the hard way, but it shouldn’t be like that for you. We’ve designed a curriculum that can easily teach beginners everything from software to advanced vectoring techniques. As you progress through each section of the course, you’ll be able to complete various homework assignments and apply new skills to real client projects

The course will prepare you for a successful experience in the roller coaster ride that is freelancing. Each lesson is designed to grow your value as a designer and help you succeed in doing what you love.

For Beginners

Scavenging through resources to find tidbits of information is wasted time that you’re not using to design. The curriculum was crafted to take a beginner to an intermediate level that can start accepting freelancing brand identity projects. We believe that self-taught designers need to spend more time expanding their creativity rather than lose precious time to software and workflow issues.

Join thousands of students in our best-selling course to learn about logo design, grid structures, presentation techniques, and logo animation to kickstart your career in brand design.



1.     User Interface
2.     Techniques
3.     Blocking

Video Lessons | 60 min


1.     Color Theory
2.     Workflow
3.     Procedural

Video Lessons | 43 min

Client Projects

1.     Pricing
2.     Contracts
3.     Onboarding

Video Lessons | 27 min

Brief Learn

Creative Brief

1.     Basecamp
2.     Direction
3.     Research

Video Lessons | 53 min

Case Study

1.     Reference
2.     Illustration
3.     Iterations

Video Lessons | 64 min

Logo Guidelines

1.     Scale
2.     Balance
3.     Consistency

Video Lessons | 32 min

Style Guides

1.     Presentation
2.     Copyright

Video Lessons | 91 min


1.     Styleguides P1
2.     Styleguides P2

Video Lessons | 41 min

After Effects

1.     Introduction
2.     Techniques
3.     Interface
4.     Animation

Video Lessons | 31 min


1.     Scripting
2.     Shape layers
3.     Creating loops
4.     Video reveals

Video Lessons | 33 min

Techniques I

1.     Eases & Pacing
2.     Arcing motion
3.     Squash & Stretch
4.     Additional theory

Video Lessons | 107 min

Techniques II

1.     Anticipation
2.     Exageration
3.     Mass & Weight
4.     Typefaces

Video Lessons | 96 min

Grids Intro

Watch an introduction about logo grids.

Video Lesson | 2 min

Golden Ratio

Learn about the golden ratio and its application.

Video Lesson | 21 min


Use the golden ratio to refine a logo's composition.

Video Lesson | 16 min


Export your logo grids and animate a process breakdown.

Video Lesson | 31 min

AI Homework

Download homework for the Illustrator portions of the course.

Illustrator Homework

AE Homework

Download interactive AE assignments to learn logo animation.

AE Homework

Project Files

Download templates for presentations, scripts, and style guides.

Project Files


1.     AE Scripts
2.     Client Contract
3.     Adobe Discounts


Parallel Sound LogoCore Client Brief

Parallel Sound

Parallel Sound is a collective of sound designers.

Creative Brief

Cordate LogoCore Client Brief


Cordate is an IOS app built to make dating more spontaneous.

Creative Brief

Karla LogoCore Client Brief

Karla is a Slack AI that learns from your work schedule.

Creative Brief

Nightshade LogoCore Client Brief


NightShade is an app that prevents files from being shared.

Creative Brief

Swiss Transport LogoCore Client Brief

Swiss Transport

Swiss Transport is a transportation company based in Switzerland.

Creative Brief

GASP Architecture LogoCore Client Brief


GASP is an innovative architiecture company based in China.

Creative Brief

KiwiScout LogoCore Client Brief

Kiwi Scout

Kiwi Scout is a New Zealand company that arranges photography expeditions.

Creative Brief

TrippleWP LogoCore Client Brief


TrippleWP develop Wordpress themes for eCommerce apps and startups.

Creative Brief

Learn Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to efficiently use Adobe Illustrator to design visual identities.

Design visual assets

Learn how to scale your identity design without losing the established visual language.

Implement a design strategy

Simplify a project into manageable assignments to develop an art direction.

Bring in high-value clients

We’ll share industry standards on how to build a portfolio, estimate your project totals, and create presentations.

Animate your logo

Transfer your vector designs into Adobe After Effects to animate a looping reveal for your identity design.

Pitch with confidence

Understand how to explain your design decisions to your client by thoroughly documenting your process.

Theory & Application

Learn the techniques of developing a logo design and apply it to your own creative process.

Receive Feedback

You’ll receive video feedback and critiques on all of the designs you submit to your instructor.

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Our best-selling class to access the entire LogoCore library of lessons, source files, and homework.

All 49 Video Lessons

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Homework Assignments

Adobe Student Discount

Community Access

Creative Briefs

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Masterclass + Mentorship


This package includes the full course and the ability to request in-depth feedback on your personal designs.

All 49 Video Lessons

Lifetime Access

Lesson Subtitles

Homework Assignments

Adobe Student Discount

Community Access

Creative Briefs

+ Presentation Project Files

+ Brand Guideline Templates

+ Homework Reviews

+ Portfolio Audits

+ Video Feedback

+ Certificate

Purchase course

Masterclass + Guidance


The Guidance package is offered to brand designers that want insightful critiques on their paid client projects.

All 49 Video Lesson

Lifetime Access

Lesson Subtitles

Homework Assignments

Adobe Student Discount

Community Access

Creative Briefs

Presentation Project Files

Brand Guideline Templates

Homework Reviews

Portfolio Audits

Video Feedback


+ Feedback on Client Projects

+ Priority Feedback

Purchase course

All classes are a one-time payment only. There are no subscriptions. Upgrade your course level anytime.

Followup Questions

What tools do I need?


A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) and a broadband internet connection. Our course will cover Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop. A free seven-day trial is available for each of those programs. Get the Creative Cloud All Apps plan for only US$19.99/mo the first year, and $29.99/mo after that. That’s a big discount. (Regular price is $52.99/mo.)


Can I purchase as a gift?


Yes! You can purchase a gift card through our shop!


Which class should I take?


Each class gives you a lifetime access to our entire catalog of video lessons, project files, and optional homework assignments. We recommend Masterclass for beginners who want to start learning the fundamentals of logo design.


The Mentorship package was introduced to offer students the opportunity to receive critical feedback, art direction, and dedicated replies to their design work submissions. We’ve seen students improve exponentially faster when their work receives professional comments and feedback that is tailored to their learning style. Students enrolled in our Guidance program can additionally receive critical reviews on client work.


You can upgrade between the three courses anytime.


What is the Adobe student discount?


LogoCore students can get the Creative Cloud All Apps plan for only US$19.99/mo the first year, and $29.99/mo after that. That’s a big discount! (Regular price is $52.99/mo.) The offer is only valid for new accounts where Adobe is available in your country of residence.


Will there be any assigned homework?


Each video lesson is paired with an optional homework assignment. We’ll provide homework, design challenges, interactive motion assignments, and a full library of creative briefs.

How is logo design taught in this course?


We’ve spent a year continuously refining the course to understand the most effective way to teach logo design. Through our refined pilot program, we’ve been working with students to understand common struggles and adjust the lessons based on their feedback.


Our course was designed to equip students with the applicable theory before introducing them to mock client scenarios. After a student can understand the tools and visualize the identity design workflow, they can develop their skills with the assignments provided by LogoCore.

What does the personal Mentorship include?


In short, we treat Mentorship & Guidance students as in-house designers.


Students who sign up for the Mentorship or Guidance program will have all of their assignments thoroughly critiqued by our studio’s designers. A mentor will automatically be assigned during purchase. Students can request to have their work receive comments via video, overlaid notes on the file, or through email.


Feedback is limited to six months after enrolling into LogoCore but can be optionally extended upon request. The course’s videos, content, and downloadable files are available forever.


Will I receive a certificate after the course?


Mentorship and Guidance students can request a certificate once they complete the curriculum. We award certificates when a student can design a functional visual identity to an assigned creative brief. Students that receive a certificate are promoted by LogoCore to hiring partners.

Join 3042 students in this best-selling course.

Ryan LytleMasterclass Student

“LogoCore is an amazing course for beginners. It is well worth your money and Kiril, one of the instructors, is available to help you out through the live chat. He is a fantastic teacher, being that he is easy to follow and makes his videos interesting to watch. I would highly recommend this course!”

Chris CorrMasterclass Student

“As someone who was frightened at the skill set that logo design posed, I was hesitant to dive into it. LogoCore made that process hassle-free and fun. Tons of skills can be learned from this class as well as stuff you never would have thought mattered but are crucial. I recommend LogoCore to anybody pursuing logo design.”

LavandinMentorship Student

“I would definitely recommend Logocore to anyone who wants to sharpen their skills in logo design! All lessons are great and suited for both beginners and advanced. The instructor is great too - clear, honest and very helpful. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single lesson with him.”

WeeseMasterclass Student

“With all the resources, insight, and advice LogoCore provides, the Master Class is well worth every dollar. There’s a sense of passion in the proctoring of the courses which make it not only informative but left a smile on my face the entire time. I would easily recommend LogoCore to anyone who’s interested in design - not only limited to branding.”

Tyron da GamaMentorship Student

“I would really like to applaud the team at LogoCore for their visual identity design course. Their curriculum on logo design, grids, and motion design really helped me sharpen my skills as a designer. The video lessons are easy to understand, and the super friendly instructor is always on standby for whatever queries one might have. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend this to anybody looking to learn logo design.”

Wanichaya PGuidance Student

“I am truly thankful for the team who made this course very practical and direct on all of the important things to know, not only to make a good design but also to deliver the work to clients in a professional manner. I feel like sitting next to the master, watching his design process and absorbing real skills that help me advance in my design right away.”

YesqArtsMentorship Student

“LogoCore has taught me how to plan and execute logo designs properly. It has also taught me a lot of techniques behind the scenes that I would have never considered beforehand.”

Nicholas A. InclanGuidance Student

“Logocore have helped with technical questions and indulged in conversations about different strategy methods and nerd logo discussions. Having the instructor as a resource I can rely on when I get stuck or just being able to ask design & strategy related questions really sets Logocore apart from other courses. I highly recommend Logocore to those who need a good framework to start with.”

Jasmine HolmesMasterclass Student

“Just purchased the course and have started to look through the main part that I was interested in; the After Effects tutorials. He is an AMAZING teacher! The direction is easy to follow, the tone isn't flat or boring and the teachings are practical and interesting. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a better designer.”

Dušan MišjakMentorship Student

“LogoCore is one of the best online design courses. This course has taught me how to create professional logos, develop presentations for the client, and design a style guide for the final logo. They have video tutorials with homework, but don't worry, you will not be alone. The instructors will always help you and give you advice on how to improve. I definitely recommend this course, I've learned a lot!”

Jorge AcostaMentorship Student

“LogoCore is simply AMAZING! This course has taught me how to improve, pushed my limits, and Kiril has helped me to have patience and perfect what I thought was right in principle. I recommend any designer attracted by the art of creating logos and a good brand image to take this incredible and rewarding course, it is completely worth it.”

Tang ShiyangMentorship Student

“The instructor will guide you step by step with every video tutorial provided. Each of them gives essential advice for any level of designers. I am glad that I joined the course!”

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