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Master Class:

Learn Logo Design

 Learn how to design a visual identity.

 Understand presentation techniques to attract clients.

 Animate unique logo reveals.


Course Structure

There is a huge educational gap in the design industry. We had to learn everything the hard way, but it shouldn’t be like that for you. By becoming a student, you can watch our entire catalog of video lessons that build up slowly from theory to application. As you progress through each section of the course, you’ll be able to complete various homework assignments and mock case studies which are available to download at any time.

The master class will prepare you for a successful experience in the rollercoaster ride that is freelancing. Each lesson is designed to grow your value as a designer and help you succeed in doing what you love.

For Beginners

Scavenging through resources to find tidbits of information is wasted time that you’re not using to design. The master class was crafted to take a beginner to an intermediate level, capable of completing freelance visual identity projects. We believe that self-taught designers need to spend more time expanding their creativity rather than face needless software and workflow issues.

The comprehensive overviews of the logo design process and workflow shared in this course will help you become well-versed and ready to start freelancing with confidence.

Master Class

Pay once, forever yours.

This is the perfect course for beginners to learn several new skill sets. You’ll be guided through several new software packages, learn how to breakdown a client’s requests to develop a creative brief, design a purposeful logo, create presentations for your work, and learn how to animate your vector creations.


1.     User Interface
2.     Shape Layers
3.     Pen Tool
4.     Color Theory

Video Lessons | 56:06 min

Logo Illustration

1.     Photoshop to Illustrator
2.     Typography
3.     Adobe Kuler
4.     Non-linear workflows

Video Lessons | 71:94 min


1.     Filtering
2.     Pricing
3.     Contracts
4.     Conversions

Video Lessons | 49:09 min

Creative Brief

1.     Developing a brief
2.     Defining the problem
3.     Choosing references
4.     Case Study checkpoint

Video Lessons | 50:68 min

Case Study

1.     Building Composition
2.     Designing a logo
3.     Using Grid Systems
4.     Typeface Pairing
5.     Identity Design Checkpoint

Video Lessons | 64:30 min

Logo Guidelines

1.     Scale
2.     Balance
3.     Consistency
4.     Purposeful

Video Lessons | 32:63 min

Style Guides

1.     Introduction to styleguides
2.     Logo guidelines
3.     Typography usage
4.     Company assets

Video Lessons | 91:21 min


1.     Intro to Photoshop
2.     Visual process
3.     Creating mockups
4.     Pitching work

Video Lessons | 41:04 min

After Effects

1.     Introduction
2.     Techniques
3.     Interface
4.     Animation

Video Lessons | 31:53 min


1.     Illustrator scripting
2.     AE shape layers
3.     Looping animations
4.     Video reveals

Video Lessons | 33:35 min

Techniques I

1.     Eases & Pacing
2.     Arcing motion
3.     Squash & Stretch
4.     Additional theory

Video Lessons | 107:21 min

Techniques II

1.     Anticipation
2.     Exageration
3.     Mass & Weight
4.     Typeface Animation

Video Lessons | 96:01 min

Homework I

1.     Learning Pentool
2.     Workflow Files
3.     Proofing Homework
4.     AI Source Files

Illustrator Homework

Homework II

1.     Eases Assignment
2.     Arc Motion Homework
3.     Squash & Stretch Demo
4.     AE Source Files

After Effects Homework

Presentation Kit

1.     Corporate Style Guide
2.     Multiuse Style Guide
3.     Illustrator Scripts
4.     Contract Template

Project Files

Client Brief

1.     Breakdown a creative brief
2.     Prepare references
3.     Develop a logo
4.     Submit visual identity

Case Study

Learn Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator efficiently for logo design and develop reusable assets for the entire brand identity.

Design visual assets

Learn how to scale your visual identity without losing it’s consistent visual language and established art style.

Implement a design strategy

Simplify a client’s project into manageable assignments that you’ll use for personal art direction.

Bring in high-value clients

If you want to make a living as a freelancing artist, you must learn to attract high-value clients while staying competitive in your market.

Animate your logo

Transfer your vector designs into Adobe After Effects to animate a looping reveal for your identity design.

Pitch with confidence

Understand how to explain your design decisions to your client by thoroughly documenting your process.

Theory & Application

Learn the techniques of developing a logo design and apply it to your own creative process.

Receive Feedback

Learn from vetted studio practices on approaching clients, creative workflows, and freelancing. If you’re ever having trouble understanding a topic – we’re to help!

Master Class


All 49 Lessons

Lifetime Access

Homework Assignments

Download Files



All 49 Lessons

Lifetime Access

Homework Assignments

Download Files

Design Mentorship



All 49 Lessons

Lifetime Access

Homework Assignments

Download Files

Design Mentorship

Live Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?


A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection. Our course will cover Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop. A free 30-day trial is available for each of those programs. Discounted prices are offered on Adobe’s products to those currently in school.

Which class should I take?


Each package gives you access to our entire catalog of video lessons and project files. The only difference between the master class and mentorship course is the ability to ask for feedback on the logo design projects you are working on. Crafting personalized feedback for a student takes time, and we aren’t able to offer that to master class students.


How do I become a student?


When you purchase a class, you’ll be able to sign into LogoCore with a unique username and password that you’ll set at checkout. Watch our video lessons from any device, anytime you want! You can stream the videos in a variety of resolutions and download the entire collection of project files anytime you need them.

How will I watch the video lessons?


When you become a student, an account will be created for you to access the curriculum. You can watch our entire catalog of video lessons in chronological order, which builds up slowly from theory to application. As you progress through each section of the course, there are homework checkpoints you can optionally complete.

What does the mentorship include?


In short, we treat mentorship students as our studio designers.


Students who sign up for the mentorship package will have all of their assignments and logo designs thoroughly critiqued by our studio, accelerating your understanding of visual identity design. If you start taking on client work, we’ll do our best to provide guidance & in-depth critiques. Regardless if have a question on freelancing or you would like your logo presentation critically reviewed, we’ll do our best to offer guidance!

What are mentorship live sessions?


Get two personalized coaching calls with your instructor, dedicated exclusively to you. Ranging around twenty minutes each, it’s a great way to collaborate on improving an assignment you may be working on.

Do you offer homework for students?


Once you become a student, you will be able to download homework for each separate section of the course. With Illustrator lessons, you are able to use the source files to follow the instructor’s lesson. For the After Effects portion of the course, you are provided with homework assignments to complete using  the techniques demonstrated in the video lessons.

How is logo design taught in this course?


We’ve spent a year continuously refining the course to understand the most effective way to teach logo design. Through our refined pilot program, we’ve been working with students to understand common struggles and adjust the lessons based on their feedback.


Our course was carefully curated to equip students with the theory before introducing them to a mock scenario. After a student can understand the tools and visualize a roadmap of overcoming client challenges, they can practice their skills with the homework we provide! We want designers to spend more time expanding their creativity rather than face needless workflow issues.

Just purchased the course and have started to look through the main part that I was interested in; the After Effects tutorials. He is an AMAZING teacher! The direction is easy to follow, the tone isn't flat or boring and the teachings are practical and interesting. Thank you for giving me the change to be a better designer.

Jasmine HolmesLogoCore Mentorship Student

LogoCore has taught me how to plan and execute logo designs properly. It has also taught me a lot of techniques behind the scenes that I would have never considered beforehand.

Yesq LogoCore Mentorship Student - Insta: YesqArts

LogoCore was a smart investment - I was able to get all of my work looked over and their studio always gave me great critiques! I learned a ton of things throughout the process of revising and improving my logo designs! It's a course and mentorship in one!

Kenneth MarcuLogoCore Mentorship Student

As someone who was frightened at the skill set that logo design posed, I was hesitant to dive into it. LogoCore made that process hassle-free and fun. Tons of skills can be learned from this class as well as stuff you never would have thought mattered but are crucial. I recommend LogoCore to anybody pursuing logo design.

Chris CorrLogoCore Mentorship Student - @Chris_Studios

I would definitely recommend Logocore to anyone who wants to sharpen their skills in logo design! All lessons are great and suited for both beginners and advanced.
The instructor is great too - clear, honest and very helpful. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single lesson with him.

LavandinLogoCore Master Class Student - @hindah90

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