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We’re invested in building responsive identities and teaching what we’ve learned.

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LogoCore worked with Jericho to design a complete visual identity for their brand.  We developed a comprehensive style guide which including motion graphics, responsive logos, and set merchandise designs. The clothing line became an overnight best-seller through DesignByHumans.

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Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl teamed up to develop a short film for Disney’s animated show, Gravity Falls. Through various shot compositions, they choose to explore the show’s architecture and the connection it forms with childhood memories.

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Meetups create communities where lasting relationships are made, but the idea of attending one could seem intimidating if the event appears closed & selective. We explored design solutions to make meetups more approachable.

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Pinecho is the easiest way to automate Pinterest marketing without paying for ads. The app uses machine learning to curate boards that can deliver millions of impressions to a targeted demographic for free.

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