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A creative studio recognized for their best-selling identity design course.

We’re invested in building responsive identities and teaching what we’ve learned.

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Tucker Boner Tshirt Project

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LogoCore worked with Jericho to unify their ventures under one consistent visual identity.  Our team developed a comprehensive style guide which defined the visuals for the brand and the opportunity for the uniquely designed assets to scale. They were able to use our designs to launch a clothing line in Los Angeles that became an overnight best-seller through DesignByHumans.

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Logo Grids Video Series





The series will teach you the origins of mathematical principles such as Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, and Golden Rectangle. You’ll understand how to build custom grid structures that can define the composition of designs and manipulate them to establish consistency. Take your process and create a fluid animation to showcase the logo’s development.

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Gravity Falls Short Film Cinema4D

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Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl teamed up to develop a short film based on Disney’s animated show, Gravity Falls. After reminiscing about the show’s season finale for several months, they transformed their thoughts into an animated short. Through various compositions, they went to explore how childhood memories resemble our true character.

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LogoCore Plexus Arcade crowd thumbnail

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Meetups connect like-minded people togeather, creating communities where lasting relationships are made. These events are easily discoverable through apps like Meetup, but the idea of attending could spark anxiety if the event appears closed & selective. The identity design had to change a potential attendee’s first impression by showcasing an active community that isn’t limited to a closed circle of friends.

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Pinecho Automation for Pinterest Banner





Pinecho is the easiest way to automate a Pinterest account. It is built for creative agencies who are interested in strong social media presences without spending hours pinning images. The app uses machine learning AI to read Pinterest boards and connect them to relevant content with source attribution – start using Pinecho today!

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logocore logo blue
logocore logo blue

LogoCore is a team of creative professionals working from Toronto to Melbourne. They specialize in visual identities and are recognized for their best-selling Masterclass on logo design.