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Logo Challenge

For the next month we’ll send you a new creative brief to your email each day. Your task will be to design a logo for the client and submit it within a day. It’s a great way to improve as a designer and join the design community!
Realistic Briefs
All of the challenges are inspired by realistic projects.
Each creative brief comes with visual references.
Share your designs and ideas with our Discord community.
Feedback Sessions
LogoCore students can get video feedback on their designs.

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No junk here, just a great way to become a better logo designer.

Designers participating by posting logos with #LogoCore on Instagram!

FeaturedThirty Logos

Jeff Smoll – Thirty Logos

Jeff Smoll is a graphic designer with experience designing identities, packaging, and graphic art. He recently completed our thirty-day logo challenge and has showcased his flexibility in designing for wide range of businesses. Jeff can execute a beautiful design for a company in the beauty industry and then pivot towards…
Kiril Climson
August 14, 2018
FeaturedThirty Logos

Callum Webster – Thirty Logos

There's a beautiful spark of creativity happening in Callum Webster's logo designs for our Thirty Day Logo Challenge. It's clear that he dedicates time to carefully reading the client's brief, researching their area of business, and producing a logo that is clearly representative of their business. The designs are tailored…
Kiril Climson
July 6, 2018
FeaturedThirty Logos

Marcelo Mass – Thirty Logos

There's nothing easy about designing a logo for a difficult prompt each day. We're proud to feature the work of Marcelo Mass who recently completed our Thirty Day Logo Challenge. Marcelo's designs are incredibly unique as he blends complex ideas into minimal symbols. Each logo is carefully crafted to tell…
Kiril Climson
June 3, 2018

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