Jericho – Case Study


LogoCore worked with Jericho to unify their ventures under one consistent visual identity. Our team developed a comprehensive style guide which defined the visuals for the brand and the opportunity for the uniquely designed assets to scale. Four months after the introduction of the new look, they were able to use our design guidelines to launch a clothing line in Los Angeles that became an overnight best-seller through DesignByHumans.

For Jericho’s identity, we crafted a custom wordmark with a shortened variation.  While developing proposals, it was our priority to create a logo that wouldn’t be dependent on a certain color palette to properly function. In addition, it was necessary for the logo to maintain it forms when scaled down to fit onto t-shirt tags or other merchandise.


With the main logo completed, our goal was to continue exploring the visual identity to develop additional assets for the brand. There was an admiration for the cyberpunk aesthetic, so our research led us to explore geometric forms and futuristic user interfaces that follow a grid system. Since our team established a general art direction, we decided to develop a kitbash set in order to quickly test different design approaches.


With an entire library of elements created, iterating through different ideas became incredibly easy. The first shirt to print originated from one of the symbols in the kitbash – modified to fit on a grid. With so many tiny elements created beforehand, we could create multiple variations of the shirt by swapping scopes, crosshair, and other elements with smart objects.


With the shirts wrapped up, all we had to develop were the promotional materials! We continued the theme of futuristic user interfaces to develop a console inspired design. Each component could be rearranged to fit different screen sizes, regardless if it was a static or animating design.

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