Hey, Kiril!

I’m excited to start this design project with you.

SkiWorld is a new application for outdoor winter sports enthusiasts to keep track of their favorite slopes, monitor their favorite skiing areas, and have a passionate community to meet like-minded people. The application is hosted on the SkiWorld website and our mobile apps.

SkiWorld’s updates are produced from real-world data that is scraped from ski resorts around the world. Users are able to visualize their destination’s conditions and choose skiing areas based on criteria most important for them. Those search filters could include distance, open hours, slope difficulties, activities, and even current weather conditions. For example, if a potential user prefers to ski when it’s 15 C and 10 cm of snowfall, they can be notified by SkiWorld in advance to buy their tickets.

Our target audience varies in age, but they all have the same common passion for outdoor winter sports. We get new users as people discover us through their local ski resorts, hotels, and coupon websites that all offer the chance to get outdoors in the winter season.

There are no similar services that offer a scraping of data based on location and weather conditions for outdoor winter sports like us! However, competition could include Yellow Pages and Yelp as both of our services let users read in-depth reviews of ski lodges.

Our goal at SkiWorld is to provide users with real-time data when searching through possible locations for their next getaway. We need a logo design that reflects our unique service without being confused for a ski resort.

Hopefully, that is enough information to start the project.

Excited to hear back!

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